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What is mediation contract?
A contractual arrangement in which broker agrees to mediate in finding people who wants to enter into a contract with a customer (principal). For exapmle that could be contract of sale of a property, a lease, agreement to purchase the property...When real estate agent will bind them to negotiate, and the customer (principal) agrees to pay him certain mediation fee if the contract is concluded.
The mediation contract is concluded between the agency (broker) and vendor / customer (the principal).

What is the preliminary contract?
The conclusion of the main contract may be preceded by the conclusion of the preliminary contract. The preliminary contract is a contract by which is an obligation to conclude after the main contract of sale. Such preliminary contract must contain all information necessary for the description of the property, and the purchase price. When signing a pre-contract deposit is paid down (a sum of money that the buyer gives the seller as a sign that the contract was made). Based on preminilary concract can not be done registering property.

How much deposit is paid by the buyer to the seller?
According to the agreement, usually 10% of the total agreed purchase price.

What is the Purchase contract of real estate?
With Purchase concract of real estate seller agrees to the buyer to transfer ownership of the property (is executed by giving the so-called Intabulandi clauses or statements which means that selles gives written permission to buyer that buyes can register himself as new owner of purchased real estate-ownership rights), and the buyer agrees to pay him for it the purchase price .

What is the certification of the signature?
Signature of the contract of sale shall certify only the seller and to the Republic of Croatia by a notary public, and abroad in Croatian diplomatic representations or at notary public, in which case it takes the same certification apostilirati or validated at the authorized court.

How do I get entitled to property?
Purchasing the property and signing the sales contract does not automatically acquires the right of ownership. You need to enter their right to the land register. Upon completion of the buying process, the buyer must submit a proposal for land registration. In term of enrollment receives title. Confusion may cause mixing of title (published by the Land Registry) with the title deed (issued by the Cadastre). Deed can not prove ownership or other rights of property, and on the basis of land registry court does not allow registration of real estate in the land register. That's what is important to take into account when purchasing real estate and presentation of documents by the current owners.

What is the Cadastre?
Cadastre is a register of data on land and property SGA (The State Geodetic Administration). Cadastre is to support the Land Registry. For each general register in the Land Registry has a collection of cadastral maps, which serves customers Property Registration for easy reference showing the position, shape and usage of cadastral parcels and buildings that are permanently located on or below the surface of the plot. If the party does not know the number of land registry number, and the Land Registry wishes to request access to the land registry status or issuance of land registry extracts, prior to the cadastre like information about cadastral parcel.
Office of cadastre issue deeds that contain information about the cadastral plot and details of the owner, but they are not proof of ownership. Data on property are visible only from the land registry, or title deed.

What is Land Registry?
In the land registry offices of municipal courts, the so-called registry offices are maintained in the Land Register. The land register is entered ownership and other real rights over property and other facts essential for legal transactions. Land Registry is public; anyone can demand access to the land register in the presence of the land registrar and get out of it i, excerpts, prints and copies. Land registration and all extracts have the force of public documents.

How is taxed real estate turnover?
Real estate transfer tax - tax rate is 5%.
The taxpayer shall submit a declaration of tax liability within 30 days after signing the sales contract (date of signature authentication). The tax is to be paid within 15 days from the finality of the decision.

Who is exempt from paying the real estate tax?
A citizen who purchased their first property - flat / house provided housing for the purpose of exercising the right to exemption from the real estate tax, must meet the following conditions specified in the Act as follows:
-that has Croatian citizenship
-that applying resides in and the address where the property is purchased by
-that the size of the property (apartment or house) that buys a citizen depending on the number of close family members does not exceed an area as follows:
for one person up to 50m2 of living space
for 2 people to 65m2 of living space
for 3 people to 80m2 of living space
for 4 people to 90m2 of living space
for 5 people to 100m2 of living space
for 6 to 110m2 of living space
for seven people to 120m2 of living space

-to citizen and members of his immediate family have owned another property (apartment or house) to meet their housing needs. Under the real estate that meets the housing needs is considered to be the property of living space that is equipped with basic infrastructure and meets the hygienic and technical conditions.
-to citizen and his family members do not own an apartment or house for rent and other property of significant value.

Can foreign person acquire ownership of real estate in Croatia?
A foreign person may acquire property under conditions specified by law. Natural person is considered foreign if there is no Croatian nationality. Non-residents may acquire ownership of real estate RECIPROCITY (the interests of one party shall be respected in the same way as the other party respects the interests of the first). A foreign person is applying for an approval for the acquisition of real estate Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A legal entity is considered to be foreign when a registered office is outside the territory of the Republic of Croatia. The legal person established within the territory of the Republic of Croatia may acquire ownership of real estates in Croatia.